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A piano that receives regular tuning and maintenance remains a joy to play for years. 

Rick Bazemore has been tuning pianos since 2001. He has worked in churches, schools, music studios and private homes all across North Georgia.

Lorraine M

“I take great pleasure in recommending Rick as a piano technician! Rick has tuned our pianos for years…and actually found and negotiated purchase of the beautiful baby grand that is now my pride and joy! He is a master of his craft!”

Cathee F

“Rick is excellent as a piano technician. I am very pleased with the results when he tunes and repairs my piano. His knowledge of the subject and his profession is superb.”

Cheryl C

“As a piano teacher, I have to get my piano tuned very frequently. Many technicians have worked on my piano through the years, but Mr. Bazemore is the best. I highly recommend him!”

What is a Registered Piano Technician?

Registered Piano Technician (RPT) is a member of The Piano Technicians Guild (a non-profit organization of piano technicians) who has demonstrated competence by passing a series of three rigorous examinations on the maintenance, repair and tuning of pianos. Hiring a piano technician who is committed to providing comprehensive piano maintenance, and not just an occasional tuning, is your best assurance of obtaining the high-quality service your piano deserves.

Rick has been a member for over 25 years.

Helpful Piano Hints

Pitch Raising

If the strings of your piano stretch beyond, or drop below A-440 CPS, then a pitch adjusting procedure called “pitch raising” will be required to bring the instrument back to standard pitch and into fine tune. A “pitch raise” is basically two tunings in one service call. The first tuning is done very quickly and serves to bring all the strings close to their proper tension and pitch. The second tuning allows the technician to provide an accurate tuning at standard pitch. 

Pianos In Tune Service Areas

Pianos In Tune services the North Georgia area including Athens, Blairsville, Snellville, Monroe, Newborn, Social Circle, Young Harris, and more.

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