Mansfield, GA

Mansfied, GA is an area that Pianos In Tune, LLC visits frequently for piano tuning, piano repair and piano maintenance.
Mansfield, GAis a quiet, rural community located about 40 miles east of Atlanta in Newton County.  The town came into being as aresult of thecompletion of theMiddle Georgia and Atlantic Railway, which ran from Gordon to Covington, in the 1890’s.  The story goes that the business men responsible for developing the township pledged to name the town after whoever was still sober after the celebration of the initial sale of lots.  Apparently, that individual was Mr. Mansfield.

Beaver Manufacturing Company is the major employer in Mansfield.  They manufacture industrial fibers which are primarily utilized in the hose industry.  The 6,400 acre Charlie Elliot Wildlife Center is also located here offering numerous outdoor activities to nature lovers from the surrounding area. It is also home to two good restaurants, Where There’s Smoke BBQ and Rooster’s Drive Inn, so don’t think you have to drive through hungry!

Pianos In Tune, LLC is located about 5 miles from Mansfield in neighboring Social Circle.  We are proud to offer the entire Mansfield area competent and comprehensive piano tuning, maintenance and repair services.  Also, owner Richard Bazemore, RPT, is the only piano tuner who both lives in and services this area that can claim to have earned the title “Registered Piano Technician” with the Piano Technicians Guild.  And because Mansfield is so close to home, we are pleased to offer this area our exceptional piano tuning services at our absolute lowest rates.