Social Circle, GA is an area that Pianos In Tune, LLC visits frequently for piano tuning, piano repair and piano maintenance.

Social Circle, or “Georgia’s Greatest Little Town” as called by some, is located about 40 miles east of Atlanta in Walton County.  Originally nothing more than the crossroads of two old Creek Indian paths, Social Circle today has grown substantially as Atlanta’s urban sprawl continues to spread slowly into the surrounding area.

Legend has it, that the town’s unique name originated from a group of men who habitually met at the crossroads and would sit around the town well while talking and enjoying their usual beverage.  Supposedly a traveler passed through one day and was greeted by such warm hospitality from the group of men that he said, “This is surely a social circle”.  From then on the community has been called “Social Circle”.

While most visitors are lured into town by the Blue Willow Inn Restaurant, made famous by Lewis Grizzard’sFive Bowls of Turnip Greens” rating, this little town has much more to be enjoyed beyond gorging at the popular southern buffet.  To begin with, the town’s large historic district has over 50 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places.  Social Circle ACE Home Center is also a popular place to visit, especially for the men in the group!  Intentional visitors can coordinate their day trip to include a performance by the Social Circle Theatre.  In addition to the Blue Willow, other eateries of note include Hot Rod’s Diner, Buckeye’s Restaurant and Sacred Grounds Corner Cafe.

Antique car enthusiasts can check out Social Circle Kruizers who sponsor a monthly car show and wine connoisseurs can take a short drive further south down GA HWY 11 for a tasting at Fox Vineyards and Winery.  Be sure to checkout the Georgia State University, Newton Campus while down in this part of town.

Last but not least, Social Circle is home to Pianos In Tune, LLC.  We are proud to offer the entire Social Circle area competent and comprehensive piano tuning, maintenance and repair services.  Also, owner Richard Bazemore, RPT, is the only piano tuner who both lives in and services this area that can claim to have earned the title “Registered Piano Technician” with the Piano Technicians Guild.  And because Social Circle is our home, we are pleased to offer our exceptional piano tuning services at our absolute lowest rates.