Statham, GA

Statham, GA is an area that Pianos In Tune, LLC visits frequently for piano tuning, piano repair and piano maintenance.

The area now known as Statham, GA saw its first white settlers in 1784 who eventually purchased land from Creek and Cherokee Indians for 14 pounds of beads and was originally given the name “Beadland”.  The town Statham was incorporated in 1892 and named after the owner of the only building (the Post Office), M.J.C. Statham.  From that point in time, Statham grew into a bustling commercial hub by 1904 and enjoyed several years of economic prosperity until the Great Depression hit in 1929.

Now Statham has gained great popularity as a bedroom community to Athens and to a lesser degree, Atlanta.  Athens, by the way, was named by CNN as one of the “Best Places to Retire in 2012”.

If you ever find yourself in or passing through Statham and have some time on your hands, be sure to visit the town’s three antique boutiques; Second Hand Rose Antique and Marketplace, Along the Line Antiques and Factory Antiques.  And if you’re hungry, Fajita Mex Grill and Old House Restaurant are nearby to satisfy your appetite as well providing a place to take a load off your feet for a while.

One of the most popular recent attractions to this area is The Georgia Club.  The Georgia Club is one of Georgia’s premier golf communities that boasts a 27 hole Chancellor’s Course, designed by Denis Griffiths, a 37,500 square foot Clubhouse, clay tennis courts, a fitness center and a swimming park.

Pianos In Tune, LLC is proud to offer Statham competent and comprehensive piano tuning, maintenance and repair services.  We are located just a short drive south and frequent this area on a regular basis.  Also, owner Richard Bazemore, RPT, is one of the very few piano tuners servicing this area that can claim to have earned the title “Registered Piano Technician” with the Piano Technicians Guild.  A Registered Piano Technician (RPT) is a member of  The Piano Technicians Guild (a non-profit organization of piano technicians) who has demonstrated competence by passing a series of three rigorous examinations on the maintenance, repair and tuning of pianos.